Here listed below are 10 surefire ways to improve your SEO marketing for your online business! These techniques will help to optimize your SEO and help get the hits that you’re after. Following these examples should help you be able to watch your rankings rise in the search engine rankings! 1) Only publish relevant content: The quality of your content is the key to your search engine rank and there is no better method to increase your rankings. By tailoring the content to your target audience your site traffic will increase and this will help to improve your sites authority and relevance. Find a keyword for each page by thinking about how a user of your website may search for the page (for example “How to drive a car in the UK”) and make sure that the keyword is repeated several times over in a page – in the opening and closing paragraphs and maybe several other times in the document. Another way to help is to use bold, italics and any other emphasis to make your keywords standout. 2) Update your content often In order to help keep your site on top of the game, regularly update the content and keep it looking fresh and it will assist you in showing to the world that your site is still relevant. 3) Metadata When designing your pages make sure that you insert metadata in between your tags! 4) Make your website have relevant links For example, instead of just having a button labeled “click here” attached to a URL, make it something like “Buy our products in store now”. link-worthy site. 5) Use alternative tags Using alternative descriptions for your AV content will allow search engines to locate your page. 6) Make sure you deliver user satisfaction Remember that the whole purpose is geared towards someone using your website, so make it user friendly and attractive to your audience. 7) Keep things original Make sure that you’re not copying content that already exists by using Copyscape for example, as this will highlight if the same content exists on 2 URLs or if there is duplicated text shared between them. 8) Make your website’s loading speed its optimum! If you have a laggy website that takes too long to access you’re going to drive away your prospective audience. This is something to bear in mind as even websites that take a second longer than they should to load will have an adverse effect. You can use tools such as Pingdom to get a breakdown of how long each of your elements on your pages takes to load. One way to increase speed is to move away from a shared web host and use your own virtual private network or a dedicated server to deliver your pages faster. 9) Don’t buy links! Google webmaster guidelines state that it is against their protocol to buy and sell links, so save your money and instead create your own quality content that will attract attention and end up being rewarded with inbound links on its own. 10) Keep it natural There is little point in writing your page so that it is solely usable as a search engine tool. If it isn’t very readable for your audience then it isn’t going to fair very well overall. Keyword density used to be a major factor in the past, however it has very little user value. A website that is user friendly will pay dividends over one that has crammed in its keywords just to try to boost its rankings. I hope that these 10 tips will help to improve your SEO marketing skills! At the end of the day the thing to ultimately bear in mind is keeping the user happy will also have a positive impact on your search engine hits!


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