Aurigma ASP.NET File Upload makes it easy to add a file upload feature to your website. It is easy to use and efficient too. It makes it easy for your website’s visitors to upload data thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive interface. Aurigma ASP.NET File Upload is ideal for handling files of any type, such as documents and other files. Your users can upload, manage and share files over your website when you integrate this component. If you need to enable file uploading and sharing on your .NET site, this tool provides everything that you need. Aurigma ASP.NET File Upload is easy to get started with. Integrating it into a website programmed in ASP.NET is a short and stress-free job. Using it is even easier. Users of your website can upload folders and files with just a single click. Photos can be automatically resized and even more functionality is provided to offer maximum versatility, making Aurigma ASP.NET File Upload suitable for the widest range of applications. It also works with any browser or platform out there thanks to the provision of multiple client controls including ActiveX and Java which all browsers are compatible with. Aurigma ASP.NET File Upload can be easily inserted into an ASP.NET web form as well. To do this, all you need is to drag and drop the control from your Visual Studio toolbox into the form while in design mode. Configuring the control and further customizing it can all be done by using the Visual Studio properties editor. If you need to integrate Aurigma ASP.NET File Upload with an application programmed in ASP.NET, you simply need to enter a few lines of code. Aurigma ASP.NET File Upload provides a flexible API. The whole purpose of the component is to provide an image uploader for your website which is easy to configure and even easier for your visitors to use. The component also makes possible to save bandwidth costs and speed up transfers thanks to the way that it handles certain types of files. For example, when uploading pictures, the images can be resized by the program before they are uploaded. The original file is not modified in any way, but a lower resolution copy of the image can be uploaded instead, making it more web-friendly. Thumbnails can also be uploaded with the original files in cases where you need to upload the original version of the image. For even greater versatility, the control also provides the option of uploading multiple resized copies of each photo uploaded. The Internet is often prone to problems with reliability. Fortunately, Aurigma ASP.NET File Upload is an exceptionally reliable and simple control and it helps to eliminate a wide variety of problems often associated with uploading data to a website. This includes the provision of an automatic upload recovery feature. When you’re uploading a large file and your Internet connection suddenly cuts out, it can be frustrating to say the least. Fortunately, with Aurigma ASP.NET File Upload, it is rarely necessary to have to start from scratch. Learn more at


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