The method Google and plenty other smaller search algorithms, select in which order websites appear in their search results, is to find out how many websites include links to a certain site page. The more backlinks a website has, the more significant it is going to be and obviously it will obtain an improved ranking in the search engines. This is currently the key feature that determines what position a website will take in the search engine results. There are many other factors, but this is basically the most important factor that most of the search engines use currently. PageRank offers a measure of how many backlinks a website has. The PageRank value is an exponential scale between 0 – 10, so the greater the PageRank of a website, the more inbound links it has from other sites. Keywords: Choosing which phraces your site pages must focus on, is certainly the furthermost important decision you can take when beginning search engine optimization. The goal of keyword research is to find out which words will not only pass visitors to your website, but more importantly, pass targeted traffic to your website. Targeted traffic refers to the visitors that will generate most transactions as they will really find exactly what they want when they come to your site. Before you start writing everywhere the first phrase that comes into your mind, it’s better to start a thorough investigation. Initially to find out how difficult it will be for you to get a better position for your targeted words. Moreover you must look for the number of individuals that type those phrases when they search on the internet. With this method, you can estimate the amount of traffic you can expect. In order to research your special phrases you can use programs like Overture, Adwords, Wordtracker, and many other free or paid tools. It’s not difficult at all to discover them; the difficult part is to find the keywords that convert well for your specific website. Trial and error is the technique that will help you one day finally, if you are determined enough to discover the best formula. A decent keyword research program permits you to type a word or phrase and see other similar keywords that folks have searched for. Some programs display also the amount of competitor websites there are for every key-word. This allows you to search for special words that do not have great antagonism while also creating targeted traffic to your website. Body Text: The actual content, the main text of your website is a significant factor of on-page optimization. To enhance your body text you should use your significant words a lot, but be very careful, for the reason that much more than often, is spam for the search engines. A decent analogy in most cases is 4-5% of all of the keywords on your website. It is also a good idea to use bold or italics for the reason that this will offer additional weight to your important words. Another great technique is to place your important words as close to the beginning of your body text as possible and definitely on the first paragraph of text. Ideally the words that you try to target will appear first on your body text. So never exaggerate and use your important words very often. This is well-known as word stuffing, and the search engines algorithms definitely hate this practice. When you obviously try to control the search results your website could eventually be penalized or banned. Lastly, you should not use text which is precisely the same color as the background of your webpage (and nobody can read it), or tiny text for the reason that both of these methods can also be seen as an attempt to spam the search engine and you stand a greater chance of being penalized.


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