Creating an Anti Spam Culture Dealing with Spam mail is probably one of the toughest things that email users will have to deal with in their daily activities.Active surfers are the first ones to suffer a gigantic landslide of unwanted emails advertising different products, services or institutions as well as receiving mysterious notifications that they have been awarded prizes or that they have been recommended or selected to carry strange “rescues” of lifetime savings.Of course, there are those rare occurrences in life that you might actually discover that something someone sent you in a spam mail actually catches your eye and your attention.In such rare times, you might browse through the emails and even ask for the included link to function taking you to the page that they are promoting.This event are what keep spammers working, if no one took their advertising seriously and no one would click on their offers, then there would be no market for such obnoxious “marketers”; but someone always does. Nonetheless, when you subscribe or download a particular software that you require or simply want to have operating in your computer you make clear, informed and definite decisions as whether you want to have “business partners”of that particular developer contact you with their products, offers and updates. This is the main and most important reason why to stop spam. The times when you will find yourself a beneficial spam mail in your electronic mail box are so scarce that they do not validate the use of spam mailing with marketing purposes.Any program or spam filter, or spam blocker that can be developed will be insufficient in the practice as long as an anti spam practice has not been set amongst human users worldwide. An Anti Spam culture will mean that no one would ever click or even open spam mails as well as those emails that are actually chain letters (a.k.a. obnoxious bother) whose only use is to provide spammers with real addresses to which direct their constant emailing efforts. Marketing executives and those in charge of making a business known to the world need to focus themselves on other forms of targeting their markets in an efficient way and one that will not cause problems, discomfort or anger to email users. Probably the best way to relieve emails from spam is to have such an anti spam thought onset from the start.


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