Concerned people who want to avoid email spam have long wanted to make spams illegal. Although it has been successful in some ways, spammers remain unstoppable and they still continue posting spams. Spam has been existing since 1970’s when the internet was born but it only took off in the 1990’s when spam was used to advertise something over the internet. In the early 1980’s, the word spam was used in chat rooms to get rid of unwanted newcomers. People in the chat room who wanted to get rid of unwanted persons joining their chat or conversation would type “spam spam spam etc.” until the unwanted person leaves the chat room. Spam is actually the works of a few numbers of people who want to disrupt the activities on the internet by flooding other people’s inbox with unwanted messages. Spammers are actually paid to make spam emails to advertise companies, products or web sites by sending spam emails. They are equipped with tools that can bypass spam blockers and spam detectors. They have millions of addresses in their mailing list and so they can send spam mails to so many people worldwide. Spammers are creating havoc on many people especially to those who wish to avoid email spam anymore. Nevertheless, to avoid email spam, there are various anti spams techniques that end users and administrators of email systems use. These techniques can be found in anti spam products, services, or software. These anti spam assistants avoid email spam totally to ease up the inconveniences and difficulties being experienced by internet users. Unfortunately, spammers have devised a new way of using anti-spam sites in sending emails. They use the names of these web sites to invade your inbox pretending to be legitimate email messages. This type of spam targets individuals by invading their email inbox is called email spam. With the influx of softwares to avoid email spam in the market, individuals can now beat spammers and protect their mailbox. Another type of spam is the Usenet spam. It is not quite popular because it only targets Usenet users. This is usually a single message that is sent to about twenty users of Usenet newsgroups. Getting spams in you inbox can really be annoying aside from it can be an utter waste of time. Not to mention that spam messages can also infect your computers with viruses. But do not fret, there are anti spam softwares to help you avoid email spam. They do not only block spams but also protect your computer from viruses. Most of these softwares designed to avoid email spam. They have filters that quarantine spam emails. Quarantined emails are stored for a certain period so it allows you to check and recover any legitimate email that was dumped. Furthermore, anti spam softwares allow you to create a ‘whitelist’. This is a list of people whose email messages are allowed to enter your inbox to further avoid email spam. You can regularly modify this list. Ideal anti spam software is the one that allows you to customize it according to your needs and that ensures that you avoid email spam. However, you cannot be complacent for spammers are always one step ahead. So, get yourself a good spam blocker that avoid email spam and continually updates its features to cope with the demands in blocking spam messages.


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