This is a wonderful write-up created by a youthful man, Matt Smith, who is not a senior yet seems to recognize their needs in this world of technical complications. The phones he has decided on are: Snapfon EZ One, Doro 410, Samsung Jitterbug, Nokia C2-01.5, and the Samsung Galaxy Note. I’m going to pull out a couple of words regarding each one, yet I recommend you ultimately browse the original write-up and view the photos. 1. Snapfon EZ One is the only one especially made for seniors. The most apparent feature is the large numbers that make them easy to read (even without those glasses that keep getting lost). The buttons are very easy to turn on as well without too much tension “This, combined with a simple large-print LCD screen and high earpiece volume, make the Snapfon Ez an obvious choice. Snapfon is a GSM world phone, so it will work with most carriers. There’s also a plan available direct through the phone’s manufacturer.” 2. Doro 410 is a flip-phone layout with rounded edges to ensure that it will certainly slip into bags or pockets quickly. It additionally has big numbers and the screen is configured to give bigger print as well. ” An emergency SOS button similar to the Snapfon’s is included, although it’s not as large and easy to use.” 3. Samsung Jitterbug is very fashionable in addition to beneficial and has additional cell phone features such as texting and messaging. Nonetheless, the special feature of the Jitterbug is something associated with the provider called GreatCall. This makes the Jitterbug considerably more audio instead of the common writing. “If you want to enter a calendar event, you don’t have to do it yourself – you can call the operator, tell them the information, and they’ll enter the event for you. Other features include Bluetooth and voice dialing.” It’s back to using Central as the hand crank phones did. 4. Nokia C2 “Unlike the pure-breed senior phones we’ve already discussed, this one has an okay camera, can use apps and can even access the Internet if you pay for a mobile data package.” The call high quality is very excellent and could be adjusted to make it louder, Bluetooth works well and basic text messaging is very easy to access and use. “Nokia is a good phone – a much better one, in fact, than many smartphones costing two or three times as much.” 5. Samsung Galaxy Note has a big screen, and a stylus that resembles a pen. The large 5.3″ screen makes it less complicated to focus on content and additionally to compose using the pencil-like stylus that tucks into a pocket in the lower side of the Note. “If you‘re a senior who wants to check out smartphones the Note is a good pick.” I have to confess to you that I’m a wonderful supporter of the Galaxy Note. Maybe it’s my fat fingers that like the stylus or the mobility with a big screen. It’s best for showing to possible customers just what their internet sites can resemble vs. just what they resemble now. Nonetheless, the Nokia C2 will certainly attract those who are tired of all the bells and whistles of contemporary phones and just desire excellent reception and very easy to use. Allow me to know just what cell phone you like. Remarks are most welcome on the Internet on the Go internet site. When you access Matt Smith’s original article don’t forget the comment section. It’s full of other ideas and people’s situations with both senior relatives or physically challenged people.


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