A conversion rate optimisation expert (CRO) specialises in increasing online sales by eliminating the problems that are suppressing conversions. Using sophisticated website traffic analysis and even heat mapping software, CRO experts pinpoint the issues in your copywriting, web design, web programming and sales funnels. Once the conversion problems have been fixed, the conversion rate optimisation expert will then use website split testing to verify results. And on most websites, the two biggest conversion problems are consistently: 1. Weak Direct Response Copywriting on Primary Conversion Pages 2. Not Directing Enough Site Traffic to Primary Conversion Pages For weak copywriting, the issue can be isolated with heat mapping analysis that show which sales tools are alienating visitors and causing them to leave the site. But for sales funnel issues, conversion rate experts typically rely on programs like Google Analytics. If you already have Google Analytics in place and tracking traffic, just click on the Behavior tab in the left hand column. Next, click on the Site Content and then Content Drilldown. On this page, you should see the percentage of website visitors making it to each page of your website. If your primary sales or landing page isn’t getting at least 40% or more of total web visitors to the page, then you have a sales funnel problem. A conversion rate optimisation expert knows that most sales funnel problems begin on the Home Page because they are designed to direct visitors towards your primary landing pages. But poorly designed Home Pages will potentially scatter visitors all throughout the site due to a variety of causes, including: 1. Too Many Navigation Links 2. Poor Layout of Content and Features 3. Failure to Leverage Slide Show Properly 4. Weak Direct Response Copywriting A conversion rate optimisation expert knows that one of the quickest and most effective ways to fix a weak sales funnel is add a slide show to the Home Page. Specifically, CRO experts will create “smart slides” that have two very important features that help boost conversions: 1. Slide Incorporates USP’s so They Display Above the Fold 2. Slide “Funnels” Prospects to Primary Sales or Landing Pages One of the biggest challenges of any Home Page is to capture the attention and interest of the visitor long enough to actually engage with the rest of the site. USP’s, or unique selling points, are direct response copywriting tools created to help accomplish these tasks and differentiate your site from the competition. By incorporating these powerful sales tools into your slide show, your visitors don’t have to go hunting for them and they are now just one step away from entering your sales funnel. To help visitors then enter the sales funnel and reach your primary sales page, a conversion rate optimisation expert will make the entire slide one big link. In other words, if they click the mouse or tap on their tablet when hovering over the slide, it will take them to your primary landing page. Of course, you will probably have more than one slide so for larger sites, you may wish to create separate slides (and separate usp’s) that will also link to other main pages in your site, such as: 1. About Us Page 2. Testimonials/Endorsements Page 3. Primary Services or Products Page For smaller sites, a conversion rate optimisation expert will simply have all slides link to the primary sales or landing page. But for larger sites, it does make sense to funnel them to your other primary web pages as well. However, to make sure the biggest percentage of web visitors make it to your landing pages, CRO experts will make sure the first 1-2 slides link to the landing pages. Concluding Thoughts A website can have a great sales page(s) and yet still convert poorly if not enough visitors can actually get to and see the page. To fix weak sales funnels and make sure a higher percentage of visitors reach the primary landing pages, a conversion rate optimisation expert will use slide shows to get USP’s above the fold and redirect prospects to the sales funnel. Although incredibly simple, this conversion rate optimisation strategy can potentially double your online sales if your site is currently doing a poor job of funneling visitors to the main sales or landing pages.


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