EverDesk is a unique solution in the world of email clients. It is the first and, currently, the only email client available which stores all email messages as separate files on the computer. By contrast, other email clients save these emails in a single database file or in other, not-so-user friendly ways. EverDesk provides many unique features, making it one of the most powerful email clients available. It syncs with Google’s popular online services, for example. This includes complete support of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and Google Docs. You can even work with and view content from multiple Google accounts at the same time. Accessing your Google account using a web browser as most people do will only allow you to work with one account at a time. EverDesk provides a unique approach to the world of the email client by providing an interface and set of features which are both user-friendly and efficient. It combines all of the features of an email client, calendar, address book and file manager into a single convenient package making it more than just another email client. In fact, EverDesk offers a centralized solution for keeping your data, contacts, messages and much more, properly organized. Its features make it among the most comprehensive information management utilities on the market today by providing unprecedented efficiency and ease of use. You can see, organize and work with all of your email messages at once as well as any attachments and other related files and documents. All this can be done within a single window – there is no longer any need to constantly flip between different windows and applications. EverDesk is designed to increase your productivity by keeping your desktop as clear as possible and everything as accessible as can be. The QuickBoard feature of EverDesk provides one-click access to any email-related files, contacts, applications, folders and other shortcuts, making it a complete replacement for your Windows Desktop in many ways. The email client allows you to define any number of categories for these shortcuts, allowing for easier and faster access to the data you need, when you need it. EverDesk provides transparent PGP encryption, an easy and user-friendly backup solution and context-sensitive contact list to save you from scrolling through the entire address book every time you are looking for a specific contact. EverDesk provides a global mailbox feature as well. This allows you to view all emails from all accounts which you have configured the email client to check. Instead of having multiple tabs or browser windows open, you can now view every email in a single window as though you are working with the same account. You can also more effectively organize which emails you see and how you view them thanks to the ability to configure multiple user profiles and templates for working with different subjects over multiple accounts. You can learn more about EverDesk at email-client.net. Here you can find out more on the program’s many unique features.


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