Today, most of the computers come with Outlook Express email application preloaded and configured for its right away use. Therefore, most of the people start using it as their default email application. But, another program, which is also used widely, is Microsoft Outlook. Outlook comes with Microsoft Office suite. Generally, Microsoft Outlook should be used for business use and the free Outlook Express should be used for home use because: Outlook has more In-built Applications: Microsoft Outlook is designed as Personal Information Manager. It includes email functionality, full contacts management, tasking and calendaring. All these tools are merged with each other, which makes their use easier together while on the other hand, Outlook Express is really an email package. It allows you to keep address book but, it is not strong enough to be a true address book manager. Outlook Gets Synchronized in a Better Way with Hand-Held Device: Most of the synchronization tools are built for Outlook and not for Outlook Express because most of people depend upon calendar, contacts and task-lists rather than emails. Most of the professionals carry a mobile computing device, whether it is Palm, Handspring Visor or Pocket PC or any other device and it is important that the mobile device synchronizes your data with your computer. It allows Outlook to function as the primary data source so that, if you lose the data on your handheld device, you will have an original source. Outlook’s email Feature is Stronger: Outlook and Outlook Express, both have the basic email packages but, Outlook’s email feature is stronger as Outlook provides the ability to send a message at a specific time in future, it allows more complex email signature, it allows the setting of more complicated rules and many more. So, if you want to convert Outlook Express to Outlook 2003 due to some requirement then, you can easily do it with Outlook Express email recovery software. This software has the ability to move Outlook Express to Outlook 2003 and all other Outlook versions, it can convert all the emails of Outlook Express, it supports all the versions of Outlook Express, it doesn’t make changes to emails of Outlook Express, it can also convert the corrupted or damaged database of Outlook Express to Outlook after recovery and many more.

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