When starting to build your list there are are few steps that you will need to do to get started properly. Please follow these steps they are easy to implement and you do not need any specialize knowledge. If you miss any of these steps the quality of your email list will not be as good as it could be. So please follow the steps below. Steps to follow • Setup email auto responder • Setup squeeze/ sales page • Create your free offer • Setup you’re your domain and hosting account • Traffic Email and Auto Responder Setup your auto responder to capture your emails and to email those you collect. Setup your email account with Aweber or Icontact there are my choices so just pick one and get started it’s very easy to do and start capturing those leads. Hosted auto responders are the best as you are protected from spam complaints. Be sure you get setup with a good Auto responder email hosted company from the beginning as it’s not easy to change at a later stage and you could loose your original list. Setup a Squeeze/Sales page A squeeze/sales page will need to be setup to start collecting your leads with your free offer. You can setup your Squeeze/sales page using WordPress.org and add a plug in called Optimizepress to setup great squeeze pages. A squeeze page will have an opt in box that can be completed and in return the subscriber can down load a free report or video giving them a solution. Here are some steps for a great Squeeze page • A great heading • Bullet points on the offer • Good design • Great free offer Headline Headline is very important to get people to opt in to your email list try different headlines to see how they convert. Bullet Points Are useful to create curiosity mystery of your product for them to complete the form and get there email address Squeeze Page Make sure you create a fresh clean design so when people visit your page they feel like leaving there contact details. Make sure the sales copy is to the point and note too much information that will confuse your potential client. Let’s get to our free give away offer Provide a great free offer then people will then think that your paid content is even better. It’s important that you create quality free offers as this will make you look like an expert in your field and create credibility and is important for new visitors to subscribe and become a potential customer in the future. You can also offer free video, but articles is a good way to share your blog or website and create free traffic to your website. Domains and Hosting You will need to purchase a domain name and hosting package to get your squeeze page up and running. It’s best to buy a domain name regarding the offer you have as it will look professional and increase your opt ins. You should be able to host your squeeze page for around $5 per month. Domains are like a virtual address and your hosting account is your home for your domain. These are the elements needed to setup a profitable email list. That’s it and you should be on your way to start creating and building a successful email list. This will not be expensive to get going so start now and monitor and change as needed.


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