How to Send a Video Email How do you send a video email? Video Email has emerged recently as a viable way for individuals and business alike to get their message across to prospects, use for newsletters to their lists of clients, and a way to broadcast a message to team members within a company. Video Email shows emotion that plain black and white simply can’t create. Text can’t express passion for a product, an idea, or for customer appreciation like a video email has the ability to do. No matter how much one BOLD TYPES, or uses !!!!, it just can’t get the message across as effectively as a video can. There are several basic methods to send a video through email, but what is the best way to send a video email if you have the need to do so often? Here are some of the common methods of ways to send a video email: 1. Send a video as an attached file through your email provider. 2. Send a link to a ‘hosted’ video through a link to a 3rd Party Video Site 3. Use a Video Email Service that Specializes in Sending Video Emails without Downloads or Attachments Procedure to send a video email as an attachment: The first step to send a video email as an attachment is to start your video capture program and record videos with your webcam. Then you save the file on your hard drive. Be sure to give it a meaningful name and make note of where you saved the file in the next step. Next, start your email program and create a new text message. Then click on the button to “attach file”, and when prompted, find the file you saved, click on it and follow the instructions to attach the file. Then your ISP (internet service provider) will send the email with the attachment to the addressee. The attachment method sends the video as a file attached to a regular text email. It is recommended only for very short videos, typically 5-10 MB or smaller. The email recipient will have to wait for the entire video to download before attempting to watch it and this can take several minutes to download. The link to a hosted video is a fairly easy way to send a video through email, and can be done in a variety of ways. Overall it is a very reliable way to send a video and you do not have to be concerned about filling up the recipients inbox or file size. It is hosted on someone else’s server, and should open fairly quickly. Some examples of hosted video servers are Youtube, Vimeo, Veoh to name a few. However, it takes some time to upload your video to a video content site, copy the link, and paste the link into your email. How to Send Video Email Through a Hosted Video Site Choose your video content site you want to use, setup a username and password to setup an account if you don’t have one. Upload your video to their site, give it a name, description, and tags if you want it to be public, and save it. The video sites such as Youtube will then give you a link to the video. Now all you do is type your message to your email recipient, copy and paste the link provided from the Video Content Site, and send your video. The Simplest Way to Send Video Email The best way to send a video email is to use a company like Talk Fusion. They specialize in sending video emails using a simple interface that allows you to record a video from your webcam, say your message, and click send to one or 5000 Recipients in less than a couple of minutes. You can also upload 20 Minute videos, save unlimited videos on their servers for future use, or attach multiple videos to send in the same email. It’s a complete Video Email Marketing Service if you have the need to send videos often in your business. It only takes a minute or so to send a video email with Talk Fusion, and the recipient can open the email instantly. No downloads, attachments, and they play just like a movie. Comparing Video Attachments versus Talk Fusion Video Email 1. Talk Fusion Video Email does not fill up the senders hard drive 2. Talk Fusion Video Email does not fill up the recipients hard drive 3. Talk Fusion sends the high quality video suitable for anyone’s internet connection. You can even view Talk Fusion Video Emails on most mobile devices such as iPhones or Android Devices. 4. Talk Fusion Video Emails are much easier to create and send than uploading to one site, linking to another, and stores them for use later. You can even use Talk Fusion for sending Newsletters, prospecting for business, or showing customer appreciation. 5. Talk Fusion takes less time to send, and less time to view. They open immediately for viewing Attachment video emails are suitable for people that only send one or two emails per year. If you are interested in video email, you can also earn a nice income by becoming an affiliate. Video Email is unique, and people want to use the service. 98% of the World has never seen a “Video Email” like Talk Fusion produces and they are very eye catching For more information click here. You can Start earning today because Talk Fusion pays Instantly…a First in the Direct Selling Industry. Why is Talk Fusion the Global Leader for Video Email ? 1. Available in 200 Countries 2. Minimal Start Up Costs 3. No long term ‘contracts’. Pay only by the month 4. Add video to your web pages easily with embed code (copy and paste) from your webcam 5. Each email you send will guide customers to your website Plans start at $20 per month for 1000 Contacts and unlimited video emails, and $35 a month includes 7 other Video Communication Products such as Video Conferencing, Live Broadcasting, Video Autoresponders, and More Would you like more information about sending video email, live video broadcasting or even using video and email lists to promote your business or club? Register on our Site for our Newsletter and You Can See What a Talk Fusion Video Email Looks Like first hand, or visit here for Demos from Actual Users. What’s the Potential of Talk Fusion? Video email is the technology wave right now. You probably sent your first email just ten years ago. Just as the telephone led to television, text email is leading us right now into video email. In a few years everyone on the internet will be seeing video emails and with 6,000,000,000 people in the world, how many do you think will be sending video email themselves rather than typing? Get Started Today using Talk Fusion unless you only send a couple of Video Emails a year. View the Talk Fusion Packages here. It’s the next “big thing” in video communications. Feel free to Contact Me with any questions as well and I look forward to speaking with you soon! 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