Are you tired of seeing countless advertisements when browsing the Internet? Do you want to enjoy a smoother and more productive experience when you’re surfing the web? If your answer is “yes” to either of these questions, then you may want to try using an ad block filter such as Adlesse. If you’re tired of those advertisements on many sites constantly flashing on your screen and impeding your browsing experience, Adlesse provides a useful and innovative solution which will help you greatly. Adlesse is basically an ad block filter which replaces advertisements with something that is actually useful to you. Imagine being able to swap all of the annoying ads you see on the Internet with something useful. The advertising banners and panels on websites can instead display useful information thanks to the presence of an ad block filter. Instead of seeing advertisements, you can see things such as news feeds, weather reports, RSS feeds and pretty much anything else that you want to see. With an extensive set of widgets, you can choose exactly what you want to have displayed in the place of the advertisements. If you’re regularly browsing the web, why not have it so that you can spend your time looking at what you want to look at? This is exactly why Adlesse was created. Although not all sites have particularly intrusive advertising, it can be very annoying for regular web surfers when they constantly get distracted by advertisements. Imagine that, for example, instead of having an annoying, flashing banner ad at the top of a web page, you could have your latest Twitter feeds displayed there. You could even replace the ads on Facebook with your Twitter feeds or something else so that you can view both of your favorite social networking site feeds while still on the same page! Any ads on any site can be replaced with a choice of social networking feeds. With its large number of useful and versatile widgets, the possibilities truly are endless when you have an ad block filter like Adlesse. Take Google for example. It’s the world’s favorite search engine, but there are also many other search engines out there. When you perform a Google search, you’ll see a load of advertisements appear on the page. Using Adlesse, you’ll instead be able to see search results from Bing, Twitter or Wiki as well. Instead of having to go to multiple sites to carry out Internet searches, you can enjoy the great convenience of having everything on the same page! When you are browsing the Internet, you’ll always get bombarded with advertisements and other things that you didn’t even ask for. It’s just a matter of degree, for the most part. Without all of this, you can enjoy a far more productive web surfing experience. Not only will your experience be more enjoyable, you’ll also get considerably more done thanks to the fact that most of the distractions have gone away. With Adlesse, you can enjoy a cleaner browsing experience, seeing only the things that you want or need to see. No more unwanted ads! To learn more, visit


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