The method Google and numerous other smaller search algorithms, select in which order site pages appear in their search results, is to see how many sites include links to a certain site. The more backlinks a website has, the more significant it is going to be and certainly it will obtain a better position in the search results. This is currently the key factor that controls what position a site page will receive in the search engine results. There are some extra aspects, but this is really the most important factor that most of the search algorithms use nowadays. PageRank offers a measure of how many incoming links a website has. Page-rank is an exponential scale between 0 – 10, so the higher the PageRank of a website, the more incoming links it has from other sites. Special Words: Selecting which phraces your website’s pages must focus on, is beyond doubt the furthermost vital decision you can take when starting search engine optimization. The aim of keyword investigation is to discover which terms will not only pass visitors to your website, but more essentially, introduce targeted traffic to your website. Targeted traffic refers to the users that will make most sales as they will actually find exactly what they are looking for when they come to your site. Before you start writing everywhere the first phrase that comes into your head, it’s good to begin a thorough research. Initially to realize how hard it will be for you to get a high position for your targeted words. Moreover you must search for the amount of internet users that type those words when they search on the internet. This will give you a better idea on the amount of internet users you can expect. In order to discover your special phrases you can use programs like Overture, Adwords, Wordtracker, and several other free or paid applications. It’s not hard at all to find them; the tricky part is to find the keywords that convert better for your specific site. Trial and error is the way that will help you one day finally, if you are persistent enough to discover the best formula. A decent key-word research tool allows you to type a word or phrase and see other similar words that users have searched for. Some utilities display also the sum of competitor sites there are for each special phrase . This enables you to search for special keywords that do not have enormous antagonism while also creating targeted traffic to your website. Main Text: The actual content, the body text of your web pages is a significant component of on-page optimization. To improve your main text you should use your important phrases very often, but be very careful, for the reason that much more than a lot, is junk for the search engines. A decent analogy in most cases is four – five percent of all of the keywords on your site. It is also a good idea to use bold or italics because this will give extra weight to your key-words. An additional very good method is to place your main words as close to the beginning of your main text as possible and without doubt on the first paragraph of text. Preferably the keywords that you try to target will appear first on your body text. So always remember not to use your keyword(s) too often. This is called keyword stuffing, and the search engines definitely don’t like this at all. When you use over and over again the same keywords your website could eventually be penalized or banned. Lastly, you should not use text which is precisely the same color as the background of your page (and it is not visible), or very small text because both of these techniques can also be seen as an attempt to spam the search engine and you stand a greater chance of being penalized.


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