Email spam can be more than just annoying, it can be potentially dangerous to your computer. It can be a source of various malicious viruses and spyware. Therefore it is very necessary to guard your computer against any unwanted email spam. These days it has become much easier with the help of many free email spam filter options.There are various free email spam mail blockers or filter options that you can choose from. Here is a rundown of some of the most popular free spam blockers for emails.One of the most popular options is Popfile. It is a powerful and flexible email classification. It offers POP and NNTP proxy that can help you filter spam efficiently. It also helps by automatically categorizing good mails for you. It uses a Bayesian statistical analysis to classify the various incoming messages in various categories as defined by you. It has a very easy to use web interface, which is remotely accessible. This interface helps a lot in Popfile setup and training.You can also use Popfile with your IMAP accounts to filter the incoming, SMTP or NNTP news. The best thing about this spam filter is that it automatically configures Outlook and Outlook Express to work with them.You can use Popfile with almost every operating system. It works with 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP/Vista. It also works with Mac OS X, BSD, UNIX and Linux.Despite all these advantages there is one disadvantage. Popfile is known to be a bit heavy on memory and can slow down your computer.Spamihilator is another easy to use, efficient anti-spam tool. It works with almost every email client. Also it has a good detection rate made possible by its Bayesian filters.Spamihilator is designed to work as a proxy between the mail server and your email client. This way it filters the spam before it even enters your mail inbox. As a result it deletes any bad mail without downloading it. However you can browse the detected spam and read it inside the Spamihilator. In case you want to recover a good mail, you can do it easily.Then there is Spamato that can filter POP and IMAP accounts for spam. It does so with high precision with the help of various plug-ins. These plug-ins also make it easy to use Spamato with Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.Spambayes is another good freeware spam blocker. It works on the same principal as the other spam filters. It can be used with both Outlook and Mozilla Firefox. The only problem is that it cannot classify or prioritize good mail.Expurgate is also a good option. It detects spam precisely and accurately. However it can not itself fetch mail from a POP or IMAP account. Still it is a good spam filter software program.Any of these free email spam filter options can help you deal with spam and stop it from entering your computer.


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