What is Email? Email is define as an electronic mail or a service of world wide web which is used to compose and send the messages from one terminal to another you can send message in any form for example:-text messages,multimedia messages, etc. Internet has revolutionized everything in the world. Now instead of our physical address, we also have E-address. If you are new to the world of Internet, the first thing you should do is have an e-mail address. Email address is like your home address where people can send you messages. Everyone who creates an email address is unique like our home address. Through e-mail you can send and receive data like, photographs, letters, official applications, resumes, videos, documents, etc.when you hear about the internet the first thing comes in your mind that how to get email address. There are various top email services who provide email address . Nowadays email address become necessities today. Prospective employers want to receive your resumes via email and you also need email address to purchase online. In fact you can have more then one account for example you use one account only for purchases and other account for job search and one account for social networking.Now you might be thinking about how to get email address? Don’t worry; it is as simple as anything else. First you need to decide which company you would like to choose for making your email address. There are various top email services that you can find. Some of the famous are: G mail, yahoo, re diff, hot mail, etc.You can open any of the sites where you find where you find your most of the contacts are in. first you open any email site for example :- yahoo, g mail , hot mail etc. you see the option of sign up click on the sign up and you will see the form and fill all the fields with appropriate information these are the well renowned sites and you can safely give your details,for sure they will not misuse keep it in your mind that every email address is unique .You can choose any of the address according to your ease, the one you can find easy to learn .if its not available don’t worry this might be happen because lot of users then choose other address according to your availability but make sure you can remember your password and email. These are the basic steps where you can get email address of your choice.Above you read the various top email services provider where you can get email address free of cost. but some email services provide paid email address where you can pay to get email address. These services offer you an email address with your own name and domain these paid services you can choose your own organization name or your personal name with the email address. Free email services are good for personal use but mostly they don’t provide the features to send the large files. If you really want that your account will be full featured then you must go with paid email services.


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