Grow your Business with Access to hosted QuickBooks in the Cloud from anywhere, anytime with any device. If you are using QuickBooks, chances have you been could benefit from moving your applications and data to the cloud for anywhere, anytime access, improved security and an affordable IT solutions that gives you the ability of the cloud. With Hosted QuickBooks you can access the QuickBooks accounting software from anywhere, anytime. If you should be planning to move to QuickBooks cloud hosting what this means is you’re moving towards some outstanding top features of QuickBooks, the cloud hosted Quickbooks have a good set of features such as multiuser mode. The multiuser allows you and your visitors, bookkeepers can perhaps work in a same file simultaneously no matter geographical location. Hosted QuickBooks Benefits: Application Hosting Solutions, 100% Customizable: Your applications become “Anywhere Accessible” so you can access them securely from any Internet connection. You can ignore tech hassles, and safety scares, because your computer data is safe and copied daily; simply connect, and access your computer data and applications from anywhere! Always connectivity: With QuickBooks cloud hosting services, the QuickBooks files are always available from anywhere, anytime you could have access to your QuickBooks files with a web connection. Cut Down your IT cost: Hosted QuickBooks cloud on Terminal Servers offers you an edge of reducing your IT infrastructure cost, since the QuickBooks software is installed in the cloud hosted high speed servers. Thus no need of installing new hardware or software and investment in technical expertise. Additionally it saves you from the cost of system upgrades. QuickBooks version: QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Service have capability to operate or operate multiple licensed versions of QuickBooks on its servers. This proves greatly convenient for you personally as instead of installing different QuickBooks software in your desktops, them all could be run by us. Data Security and Reliability: QuickBooks in the cloud offer you a freedom to accomplish not worry about the security of your computer data as QuickBooks Hosting Service Provider keeps multiple backup of one’s files in the absolute most secure SAS 70 certified data-centers. WHY TO USE HOSTED QUICKBOOKS? Organize your finances in a single place: All of your essential business tasks fit together on the Quickbooks homepage and are organized by groups. Workflow arrows also explain to you how your tasks relate to one another, helping you decide what to do next. Create invoices and track sales & expenses: Easily create invoices and save time tracking sales, bills, and expenses. Quickbooks organizes everything in a single place, so you can quickly access all past invoices, payments, and bills. Get reliable records for tax time: Gain insights into your organization and prepare for tax season with one-click tax reports. See the details behind the numbers, and export your reports to Excel. Manage customer, vendor, and employee data: Utilize the Customer, Vendor, and Employee Centers to handle important data easily. For instance, the Customer Center offers you just one destination for a edit a customer’s billing information and offers you quick use of related transactions. Company Snapshot provides a consolidated view of your company: Stay together with your organization by customizing your Company Snapshot. See at a glance year-over-year income, expense trends, and top customers. Go paperless with online banking: See your invoices and other important tasks in a Calendar view, track and follow up on sales leads in the new 2012 Lead Center, save your valuable worksheet formatting once you export QuickBooks reports to Excel, and much more. From the above explanations we can say that hosted QuickBooks gives you anywhere and anytime access to QuickBooks Application!


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