What is Google redirect virus? For those who still don’t know how this virus works, let me give you a “hands on” explanation. Say you are searching Google for some research works, assignments or just random browsing. You found what you are looking for, you click the link, but to your dismay, you’ve been brought to a different site. The next link you clicked also brought you to the same site. And the site has no connection to your searches or to the site you are trying to open. In other words–you’ve been redirected! Some of your computer programs won’t run, without producing any error. Also, this Google redirect virus has a capacity to block sites. Who are usually the victim of this Google redirect virus? Regular users like you are the usual victim of this Google redirect virus. This virus hijacks your Google searches and then redirect you to another website, that is usually a fake websites with advertisements or corrupted pages. Where can you get Google Redirect Virus? Don’t curse Google for this! Google has nothing to do with this virus. Blame it to the crazy head computer genius criminals who created and distributed the malware. You can usually get this annoying virus from visiting a malicious websites with unsecured browsers. Get it Here Download Google Redirect Virus Removal Tool 2011 Here’s what it does: First, the virus infects your computer. You’ll never know it though, since the virus doesn’t do all that much on its own. But go to Google (who doesn’t do this at least once a day?) and things start to change. See, the virus is designed to redirect all the links you get in a Google result. So you’ll be searching just like you do every day, but you’ll start seeing that the links you click aren’t taking you to where they should. Instead, they take you to dangerous sites that are waiting to inject your computer with a serious dose of malware. Then, you’ll take your computer into the shop to get rid of the malware. Great, no more malware! But you still have that redirect virus on your computer. Yes, this means that next time you search on Google, the problem happens all over again! It can be incredibly frustrating. Now, when most people come across this problem, they get all upset at Google. Google’s a multi-billion dollar company, why can’t they stop petty hackers from ruining their search results? Well, it’s because the problem’s not on Google’s end. Remember, this is a virus you got on your computer. A virus that redirects all your search results to vicious spyware infested websites. So if you want to stop the problem, you need to get rid of the virus – not the malware! Getting rid of the malware or spyware is just a temporary fix. If you don’t eradicate the virus from your computer completely, you’ll find yourself having to get rid of spyware and malware over and over again. Get it Here Download Google Redirect Virus Removal Tool 2011


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