Facebook privacy appears to be the latest demand for every user now, as almost all net savvy individuals are addicted to Facebook and its attractive features. Every day, millions of users sign onto the site to communicate easily and interact with friends and colleagues. As such, you really need to know about Facebook’s privacy settings; if you are having problems with your privacy settings, you can fix it all by yourself. It is up to you how you manage your settings and keep your identity safe and secured. Facebook has an option to fix privacy settings that you can manage by providing limited information. Your privacy protection is a must and for that, you need to follow some simple steps so that you can handle your privacy settings and keep your identity safe. One need to update their Facebook privacy setting i.e. you should organize all your friends into different friends lists so that if you want to share all your information to certain friends, you can. If you want to share personal information, you can organize your lists and can share your information freely. If the information is professional, you can also do the same by sharing information to your professional friends list only. The option in your profile ‘Edit friends’, can help you to do this. It is better not to disclose your everyday life on your status updates like your professional or financial information (increments or promotions or any upcoming holiday trip). This will alert criminals or hackers who may want to perform some mischievous activities. If you are disclosing your full address, phone number, credit card number or date of birth, you are completely inviting trouble. This information provides easy ways for hackers to step into your personal world. Apart from this, you should never accept friend requests from strangers. It is obvious that you do not know if the person you have included in your friend list is reliable or not. So, thoroughly check their profile before accepting friend request to shield yourself from hackers. Do not use third party applications if you do not need to. Applications and games may ask for access to your information. You can avoid this by creating a separate account and not inputting every piece of information in it. In addition to this, it is better not to use the same password for every site because if one password is hacked, you will still be able to protect your other accounts. You should adjust your privacy settings. Facebook is a business and chances are, it will try to monetize your information. With constant updates, you can check your settings at regular intervals and protect your social network privacy.


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