Networking is very important if you are a small business with more than one or two computers. Networking is the interconnection of two or more computers in such a way so that they can easily share information, files, documents and other data base. Networking for the small business is not very difficult but it can be done by taking some careful steps. In the olden days it was done with some extra and special equipment but now days it is much easier. Now it requires only a router and some cables and if it is going to be done wireless then some extra hardware will be needed. One another and special thing is that some modern operating system like Windows XP is using the built-in technology. A router is installed between the computers and the modem. The Ethernet cables connect the single computers together and also to the internet connection. From the last two of three year most of the computer systems have a built-in adapter. But if you don’t have and you are opening up your system yourself then you can easily install it. To check whether the network adaptor is installed or not just go to the “start” menu and click “control-panel” and select “network and internet connections”. A window for Windows XP Network Connections will come up and if it not appears then you have to install the adapter. Before starting and to prevent any damage you must make sure that your router, modem, computers and other peripherals should be powered off. Now first of all connect the router and the modem. The router has many ports like LAN, WAN and Internet. Connect the computer in the left ports of the router with the help of additional cables. If your networking computers are located in separate rooms you can use cables with long lengths and the Ethernet cables are available in lengths of up to 50 feet. You can also use a network extension kit, this runs into the electrical outlet in the wall and you can easily plug Ethernet cable into them. These devices should be installed in every room where PC is required. Now all the above steps are useful for a small business and home computers too. But if it is a big scale enterprise it can also done like this but more convenient is to use the IT infrastructure management services. Most of the IT firms are now days providing these support services for small to medium size business. With the growth of the IT industry the network management and server support are also growing at a good pace. The users now don’t need to worry about the network failure and other server issues. So with the change in the technology and the industry the network setup with latest techniques can be used.


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