It must be understood that the most basic premise of a marketing campaign is the creation of a blog as well as website. A website though is an online shop yet it cannot possess the dynamism to keep a viewer interested, considering that there are a lot of similar websites that he/she can visit the next time. This is why almost all the website owners also have a blog related to the product or service they offer. These blogs can be about anything related to the products. Some are how to blogs, others offer interesting aspects of the product or the service. There are others which offer interesting facts about the product or service. The objective of all blogs is to keep the customers engaged and loyal to the product or service. The availability of both blogs and websites allow different modes of marketing to help boost traffic and subsequent sales on the website. If you are looking for ways to boost traffic on your website, then the following measures will help you get the job done. 1. Seek article marketing experts if you do not write them yourself. A sustained customer channel is not maintained by aggressive marketing but by passive feed of information to the customers to keep them interested. The good quality of articles will always keep your customers waiting for more for you. This is an opportunity that can compound the volume of traffic on your website. Therefore it becomes vital that one keeps on churning new articles with newer keywords to ensure that one always remains at the pinnacle of competition. Guide the customers to your blogs if the article directory does not allow web marketing. 2. Add more as many good quality backlinks as possible to these articles. The right combination of keywords and correct density of the backlink placed strategically can do wonders. 3. Submit your blog link to search engines to allow them to include your blog in their result as a verified source of information. This ensures that the customers believe that the article is from a verified source. 4. The social networking media like Facebook and Twitter play a vital role in SEO marketing. You can harness these resources to directly offer the customers what they want to see. The ability to harness comments and generate a feedback via these resources is a remarkable and inexpensive way to increase traffic both on your blog as well as your website. There are many more processes that can be adopted using these platforms. However these are subject to the kind of product or service the site can offer.


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