Don’t know how to create a petition? Starting one has never been easier. Just follow these steps and you will have your campaign set in no time! 1. First of all, you need to figure out what online petition platform will best fit your needs. There are many petition sites like,, and many others. Those three examples are the best to use to start an online petition. 2. Now that we figured out where to make petition, the next step is to access the desired website where you want to create the petition. Access the website and look for the “Create a petition” button. You also have the possibility to select the desired language for the website. 3. After the completion of the first two steps, you will find yourself in the petition control panel. Here you have to select the title of the petition, who you are petition and, of course, write the petition text. How to write a petition? Document yourself about the subject you want to create. When writing a petition make sure that the text will urge the reader to sign that petition – get him to sympathize with you and your cause. Pursue the main goal and describe it clearly so that everyone can understand what you are trying to accomplish. Also remember to be clear-cut and brief – if the reader cannot get your message from the start, he will not waste his time any longer and will leave! You can use other petitions from the websites as an example of how to write a petition. 4. After all the steps from above are completed, you will have to select the targeted country and the main domain of the petition. For example you are from Germany and you want to petition the government to introduce the minimum wage. Select your location: Germany, then select category of the petition: Politics. Keep in mind there are many other categories that could apply to a petition. For example you could have: Human Rights, Environment, Animal Abuse, Education, Health, Sports, Entertainment, Social and so on. 5. You can also add information to the petition to boost your campaign – the desired number of signatures or perhaps a custom URL link, which you could pass on to your friends and colleagues and thus raise awareness. 6. Now, if you want your petition to have a higher impact, you must add a picture, which will serve as the flyer of the petition. The photo is one of the most important things for your campaign, so be sure to choose one that speaks volumes! Adding a topic to the flyer will increase the interest of the people that read the petition. 7. When all the steps from above are done, simply click on the “Finalize the petition” button! Congratulations, you have just created your first petition! As you can see, starting an online petition is as easy as it can get! After creating the petition, it is very important to promote it, in order to get the end result. A good way to start is by sharing it with your friends, family and colleagues – a simple post on your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google +) should do the trick. In addition, you can post the petition link on forums or Facebook groups or at the comments sections of the news article that refers to the cause you are petitioning. You can also try news member-powered news networks such as Care 2 or YouSign News Network. You can share the story with other people and the most viewed will get the change to move at the top or on the front page. This means more people get to see that post and thus support your cause! Now that you know how to start an online petition you can create your own. Good luck and may all your petitions lead to success!


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