We use our computers to complete many tasks like banking, shopping, social media etc. As a result, our computers are loaded with private data that we sometimes store to access them later such as passwords, bank accounts and credit card details. Hence, keeping our personal data safe and secure from hackers, thieves and malware in case of a security breach or they get stolen is crucial. We don’t want identity thieves and other fraudsters stealing our personal information and selling them to other hackers, which can really damage you financially. In this article, you will learn how to encrypt your files to protect them.The strongest protection that Windows provide to protect your private files is by using software to encrypt your data. To encrypt your files, you need software that uses encryption technology to create password protected folders or partitions. In these protected folders or partitions, you can save all your sensitive information which is impossible to crack.Here’s the two encryption software that I chose. Folder Lock is top commercial software and AxCrypt is a free version for windows. They both are excellent at protecting sensitive data. Choose the one that suits your needs.Folder Lock ($39.95):With Folder Lock, you can create password protected and encrypted files, folders and drivers. It’s the most downloaded file security software on the net with more than 25 million users. It uses 256 – bit on-the-fly military grade encryption technology to protect your files, which is impossible to crack with hacking tools. Folder Lock has its own Virtual Keyboard, which prevents key-logging tools that might be installed without your knowledge and are running on your computer monitoring your every keystroke.Folder Lock is equipped with 7 tools; Lock Files, Encrypt Files, Secure Backup, Protect USB/CD, Make Wallets, Shred Files and Clean History, making it the most comprehensive data protection suite on the net.AxCrypt (Free):AxCrypt is the leading open source file encryption software for windows. It uses 128-bit AES encryption technology to password protect any number of files. It gives you right-click integration with windows explorer which makes it easier to encrypt individual files, and double-click integration which makes it easier to open, edit and save protected files as it is to work with unprotected files.AxCrypt has many additional features such as optional pass phrase cache, automatic pass phrase validation before decryption or editing, key-file generation and support, relatively light-weight, less than 1Mb download, Dynamic brute force counter measure, Integrated shredder, industry standard algorithms, data integrity verification and many more.Conclusion:I hope this helped you in understanding how to protect your sensitive files. Always keep your files encrypted to stay safe in case you get hacked or your laptop gets stolen. Stay tuned for more useful articles.


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