What is HohosearchHohosearch is an advertising program (adware), which penetrates user’s PC with help of unreliable file-sharing services. This program doesn’t have any special features, but it has become very common in recent weeks, so I decided to write an article about it. Hohosearch’s methods of work are very simple. It’s attached to the numerous files on several free file-sharing websites, from which it distributes itself to the user’s PCs in the whole world. In the description of program there is said, that it helps to find good deals and discounts on the Internet. Actually, it’s not true, and if you already tried to use this tool, you will believe me. The program was created only to generate some traffic to websites. This adware literally forces users to view the websites, through pop-up windows, banners and other forms of hype. Of course, these aren’t random websites, their owners pay money to the developers of Hohosearch for such form of advertising. So, to sum up: Hohosearch installs itself on a computer without authorization, infects the browser and starts to show the useless and malicious websites to a user. In addition, a user’s computer becomes very vulnerable to all threats due to the fact that Hohosearch changes security settings. And finally, even if you’re willing to put up with all these inconveniences for the sake of real benefit, I have to disappoint you. Discounts and offers from Hohosearch don’t exist. If you try to take advantage of this discount, you will get a failure, saying that such action is not and never was. Or, would you have bought a thing of inadequate quality, without warranty and at an inflated price. The only way to get rid of ads and to restore the high level of security is to remove Hohosearch from the system.Removal methodsI hope it’s clear for you now, that Hohosearch is a very dangerous program. I prepared a guide about all removal methods so you can decide what method to use. You can choose between automatic and manual removal ways. Automatic way means that you will download and install the reputable anti-viral program, and after the installation, the program will do all job. The manual removal way is a bit more difficult, but it does not require the installation of any software. You will need to remove the malicious files and folders on your own, following the guide, written below. But, if you are really not very confident in virus removal and in computers at all – you better follow the automatic removal technique. The manual method includes the deleting of files and the cleaning of registry, so you might just delete the wrong item, and call the much bigger problems than Hohosearch. So, it’s your choice now. If you’re confident, that you can remove malicious software manually – you can begin right now. How to remove Hohosearch from computer The first thing to do is to remove Hohosearch from the hard drive. There are several versions of Windows, which are widely used at this moment, and the removal ways for each of them are slightly different. But here we have a short article, so I will describe the removal way from one version, and it will be Windows 7.


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