There are a number of very reputable IT Service Companies in South Africa, most of which can be found in the larger metropolitan areas of the country such as Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria. These companies offer both business and personal IT support in most cases and include such well known company names such as: Mouse House IT Techtron Digiterra Easy IT AOLC Spartan Netconfig IT Square The IT Department And Computer Doc IT Services and Functions All of these companies listed above are “full service IT companies” and offer some of the most comprehensive IT service lists to their clients. These include (but are not limited to): IT Solutions – such as support contracts and outsourcing IT Services – such as Firewall protection, network security and remote backup IT Support – such as computer and network support And Computer Repairs – including laptop and printer repairs What does a good IT Services Company Offer? A good IT Services Company in South Africa, and indeed anywhere in the world, needs to offer its clients the full range of IT solutions in a cost effective and easy to understand manor. This means that they have to offer the best price, while being both fast and effective and finding and resolving ALL IT problems that a company might have. How do South African IT Service Companies Compare to the worlds largest? Very well actually! This is because South Africa has some of the most dedicated and sort after IT personnel in the world. They are highly proficient in providing top quality IT service and are some of the most well trained IT service personnel in the world. However, because of the smaller IT market in South Africa, their billings cannot be compared as some of the largest international IT Service companies regularly post revenues of over $10 million per annum. Which is the best IT Services Company in South Africa? This is a VERY difficult question to answer as each region and city in South Africa has a popular choice for this title. In Cape Town it is Mouse House IT, in Johannesburg it is IT Square and in Durban it is Techno Wizards. However, if a service to service comparison is made it is without a doubt almost always the Cape Town based IT Service Companies that come out on top. Johannesburg also has a very good IT Services culture and is constantly also providing the country with new and innovative IT service companies.


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