Cape Town is one of the biggest Information Technology hubs in Africa and offers businesses both big and small some of the best IT Solutions option’s both nationally and internationally. IT Support Plans South African or international customers that are seeking a comprehensive IT support plan need a company that is capable of creating the right IT working environment and supplying the best professional proactive IT technical support. In this way they will be able to provide clients with a full service solution that caters for IT support eventualities. As all business owners know that a business that relay on computers has a vital need to have all systems running optimally. There is never a good time to handle IT disasters such as crashed server and these problems can and will cost a lot in terms of income and man hours wasted. This is why a solid IT Support plan must be put into place to ensure that all of the necessary IT solutions are covered and accounted for. IT Solutions need to cover Every Base If a full range of IT support solutions are to be covered an IT company needs to offer the following basic services as standard in their IT Support Plan: Information Technology Technical Coordination Remote IT Support An Onsite Support Engineer if Required Complete Domain Management and a regular Review of all IT Systems A fulltime Workshop Service Centre A regularly updated Asset Inventory 100% Backup Management Full Vendor Warranty Coordination Regular Infrastructure Reviews and Reports Comprehensive and Regular Network Security Reviews Server Power and Use Management A full Desktop Patch Management system Server Maintenance on ALL Systems Scheduled (and regular) Onsite Visits Threat and Risk Management External and Internal Connectivity Management A FULL IT Disaster Recovery Plan The ability to provide Complimentary Loan Hardware Choose an IT Solution that fits your pocket No every business is the same and because of this not every IT solution is the correct one for your business. This is why you need to employ an IT company that can tailor make an outsourced IT service level agreement that best suits your needs. It will need to include most if not all of the services listed above, but must also be easily adaptable if one or more of the services need to be personalised to your business needs. To find the best IT solutions company in Cape Town simply do an online search and contact any one of the top listed IT companies in the results.


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