The use of applications like Google Docs at workplaces are a fine decision in terms of productivity . But when it comes to sharing files via this application, you come across a couple of security issues. The number of issues includes the pharma associated spam in general recognized as ARN, which is a classic example to these Google Apps security issues. These applications can be secured to a great extent when there is only one user, however, the fact that when you share the data the security aspect goes down to a extreme extent. This is because there is little limit over how the end-users opt to use the application and share assets. Google Docs are widely used in workplace. As per the recent survey organized by a market study group, out of five companies one use the Google Docs at their offices that can be used as the complementary tool to MS Office. The survey also suggest that the reputation of Google Docs can affect the sale of nearly all used applications like MS office at various company offices . Though no substantial kind of data is obtainable in this perspective . Well, there are a number of reasons why this is happening at workplaces. The reasons are pretty inevitable, this application is a extreme tool for business surgical procedure . However, as we have mentioned there are security issues to believe, especially when you leverage Google Sites and Google Calendar as well. So how to get rid of these security concerns which happens to be there inherently ? All you have need of is a fine visibility and accurate limit over the domain’s use, ironically, the Google Restrict Panel hardly allow you to do this . If you still involve to render your business organization with these kind of useful web based equipment for higher productivity, you have a key which can help you harness fine visibility and limit on the use. There is a product called DomainWatch that gives you excellent limit over your domain’s use of these tools. The DomainWatch helps you establish custom policies in terms of way your workforce share Google Docs, Calendars, Sites and then scan your domain on usual basis to keep an eye over the policy violations . With a amount of easy and simple Dashboards you can get all the updates as regards the storage consumption, site themes used, calendar subscriptions and more. In other words, if you want to use the various Google applications with superior security and assurance, DomainWatch makes it possible.


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