For households with children living in them, the computer can be the center of entertainment, education, research and communication. In spite of the potential value that computers and the web provide for children, there are also the dangers of the virtual world which children can easily, unwittingly get themselves into. There are a lot of problems in the virtual world and situations which children can find themselves in and be unable to handle. For owners of Macintosh computers, the parental control features included in the operating system are particularly useful and should be in place at all times. However, these parental controls are not enough by themselves. Not everything is blocked by such software and, some of the more computer-savvy youngsters can quickly find their ways around it. This is why you need monitoring as well. Aside from the impractical solution of literally looking over their shoulders the whole time, a keylogger for Mac is the solution that you need. Keyloggers are often associated with malware, since there is a lot of illegal software out there which is designed to secretly penetrate a computer and steal personal and financial information. However, there are also commercially available keyloggers which are used all over the world both in the home and in workplaces to monitor computer usage. In the home, a keylogger for Mac is useful for monitoring children and others on the computer, so that you always know what sort of websites they are visiting and who they are chatting with etc. A keylogger for Mac is also useful in any workplace which uses Macintosh computers. In the work place, many companies spend big money on IT resources and, understandably, they need to protect their investments. When a member of staff visits inappropriate content on the web and ends up getting a virus on the company network, it effectively costs the business a lot of money to fix the problem. It takes time to fix such problems and, without keylogger software to expose the culprit, it can easily happen again, greatly reducing the productivity of the IT department. A keylogger for Mac will quickly uncover any inappropriate activities and help IT administrators ensure that their staff is using company resources as they are supposed to be used. One of the leading products in computer surveillance software for Macintosh computers is REFOG Mac Keylogger. It is a complete solution for thoroughly monitoring every activity that takes place on your Macintosh computers. Whether used at home or in the work place, it provides all of the features that you need to effectively monitor anyone using your computer as though you were looking over their shoulder the whole time. It records all keystrokes meaning that you’ll have a full log of websites visited, chat messages sent, emails sent and more. It can also easily be configured to take screenshots of the desktop at specified intervals, giving you a fully comprehensive visual history of your computer’s usage. The software also runs invisibly, so no one needs to know it’s running. REFOG Mac Keylogger is available from


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