Your Tesco broadband router is a key piece of equipment when it comes to getting online. Without the router, you can’t connect your laptop or other device to the DSL service being channeled through your phone line. The router can disseminate data via wired connection or a wireless network. In either case, you are responsible for the care of your router and must pay to replace it if you cause damage. For this reason and many more, it’s important to know a little something about your Tesco broadband router before you connect it and start using Tesco Internet service. All new broadband customers receive the Wireless Technicolor 582N Pro. Ethernet Ports The router has four independent Ethernet ports. Ethernet ports are slightly wider than other ports such as telephone jacks, and the cables to which they belong are often brightly coloured. An Ethernet cable connects to your router port on one end, while the other end of the cord attaches to your laptop or desktop computer. Your DSL travels through this cord, supplying an online connection to your devices. You only need the Ethernet ports if you are using wired Internet. If you choose to use Tesco broadband wirelessly, you won’t need to use these ports or their corresponding cables. Wireless Capabilities The Tesco router is also Wi-Fi certified, so you can connect to the Internet wirelessly. A wireless network communicates over a signal, and will require your computer to have a network adapter card. You can use wireless Internet on a broad range of devices, including tablets and smartphones. The router supports Wi-Fi protected set up, which allows you to get online without the need to pair your device with the router. Your router will automatically choose the best wireless channel available in your area, so you don’t need to hassle with manually finding the right channel. You can use the router wirelessly for up to 15 devices at once. Speed Tesco promises that their current router has a new N specification which doubles the speeds of older G routers that were once used. While the speed you can achieve online depends on a variety of factors, this router will support fast browsing and also gives a wider range of signal, so you can still browse quickly from another room. Other factors that influence your speed include where you live and the size of the files and programs that you download. Security Standards The router given by Tesco has a built in firewall which is able to monitor the data that is being passed into your network and refuse harmful data. This can help you avoid viruses on your computer and other malware which might place you at risk. You can also password protect your wireless network, which is an added layer of security. With a network password, people in the vicinity will not be able to jump onto your wireless network using their own device. For instance, your neighbour may be able to see your network on his own network connections, but he won’t be able to sign on to the wireless network without the password. Associated Costs You are not charged to use the router, but there is a one-time 5 pound charge when the router is sent to your home. The fee is assigned to your first broadband bill. Because Tesco retains ownership of the router, you will be responsible for handing it back if you ever switch to a different broadband provider or cause it damage. Most routers can last for many years if treated properly. If your router becomes obsolete for any reason, Tesco will provide you with a new model that allows you to stay online. Your Tesco router will work best when it is attached to the master phone line jack in your home – the router also serves as the modem, and when you use a phone jack that is not the master port your download speeds can suffer. Tesco also recommends using the provided filter when you attach the router to the phone line. This will help separate the data used over your landline and the data that is use for broadband Internet service. Your router must stay connected to your landline at all times, and the line must be actively working for your broadband to stay live.


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