Best Windows Mail to Outlook Converter is the only program you need for converting Windows Mail files to Outlook files, making the process of migrating between the two programs much easier and painless. Fast, reliable and exceptionally useful for both home users and business users who work with both products, the program costs a modest $24.95. In spite of both being Microsoft products, both of them use different formats. This makes migration between the two products difficult without the use of a solution such as this. This program makes migration simple, allowing you to take all of your Windows Mail messages and import them into Microsoft Outlook with just a few clicks of the mouse. Best Windows Mail to Outlook Converter provides various features which make it possible to preserve all of the important data throughout the conversion process. You can import mail messages in either the EML, MSG, DAT or EMLX formats straight into Outlook. To make the process even more convenient and reliable, the program also retains the folder structure, so you won’t have any trouble finding what you need when you need to find specific messages and folders when you start up Outlook after the process. When you specify a folder in Windows Mail, Best Windows Mail to Outlook Converter will scan the folder structure, including any subfolders and then search for files of compatible formats for the migration. The folder structure will then be recreated for Microsoft Outlook and message files will be imported. Messages can be exported to the default user profile in Outlook, or they can be exported to a new PST file for using with the program. Best Windows Mail to Outlook Converter provides a number of conversion pairings, allowing you to convert data to and from formats such as MSG, EML and TXT amongst others. Compatibility with the different formats and programs is also very high. Best Windows Mail to Outlook Converter supports both 32- and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Outlook. It also supports the very latest versions, with frequent updates as new versions are released. Contact details can also be imported. These are stored in the VCF format (virtual contact file) Best Windows Mail to Outlook Converter offers the best value for money in such a solution, in addition to being amongst the most reliable and easiest programs to use. It provides various advanced features which greatly enhance its abilities. This includes the ability to retain all tags from email details such as sender, recipient, forwarding information, date received, date sent, subject and more. All of these details are kept intact during the migration. Attachments to email messages can also be imported. By comparison, many similar programs offer few features and a lower degree of reliability. With multiple filters available and a business edition which supports batch mode, it can also save you a lot of time. Best Windows Mail to Outlook Converter is available in eleven interface languages. Download it today at The software is suitable for both home and business users, with various editions available for you to choose from.


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