With the advent of computers and Internet the commercial world has undergone a huge transformation. While most of the things are now in digitized forms there was no question of the post room system remaining unaffected by the trend. In the last two decades, information technology has completely transformed the entire world and the greatest impact is experienced in the commercial world. As the entire world is turning digital the postage and mail systems of earlier times are fast becoming redundant. They are replaced steadily by a new and far more efficient system of digital mailing systems. However, like the manual postage system of the past, lost packages continue to be a problem for the digital world as well. These problems can be effectively addressed using mailroom tracking software by the prospective users. The New TrendSome of the basic features of the new trend are as follows.• Old post room system has now been replaced in most enterprises including the small and medium ones who have installed new digital mailing rooms in their offices. • New mailrooms not only save paper but also turning out as the central hub for any information technology based service. • Digital mailrooms are used to manage the documents and contents in an enterprise and they are transmitted to the target people through electronic means in a few seconds that saves time, energy, and money. Benefits of New SystemBesides saving time and energy, the new system could turn out to be economic as well. At the same time it can increase the productivities in an enterprise by cutting down on the handling and paper costs involved in direct mailing system. Apart from these; achievement of the desired marketing goal can also become easier with digital mailroom in operation. Effective Combination An effective combination for most enterprises would be an intelligent merger of the digital and direct technologies. • When it comes to direct mail marketing process; the method is sending promotional postcards, envelops or such other post materials that involved physical delivery by postal or courier services to the recipient. • For distant audiences the digital marketing with digital mailroom promotional posts could be the better option as one can reach out to millions of recipients simultaneously without wasting time and effort. But in either case tracking the packages would be the primary concern for the post room and that can be ensured using quality tracking software.


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