We should get acquainted with PST file as we frequently work with MS Outlook for email messaging. PST files are the area where MS Outlook saves its data and email messages which are often retrieved as per the users need. It is very annoying to realize that your Outlook files have been lost all of a sudden or you face some problem while accessing the database of Outlook. The situation may come to you like you have to deal with an important data but you cannot due to the corruption in the PST file. The only solution to this problem is to repair the PST file and recover the data. There are various major issues that affect the PST file and may corrupt it. Any hardware issue, software malfunction or virus infection may affect the PST file and easily corrupt it. Further, another possible reason that usually makes the PST file inaccessible is the size limit problem i.e.; if PST file exceeds the maximum size limit of 2GB. In most cases, when PST file crosses the maximum size limit, the problem crops up making the whole data inaccessible. Further, when PST file corrupts by some means, mail stuck issue comes forward. You may experience that you fail to send email messages as sending process doesn’t get completed. When you send an email message, it gets stuck in Outbox folder and never moved to Sent Items folder. Outlook fails to send the respective messages and keeps it in Outbox folder if one of the following conditions is true: 1. You are working in offline mode and no remote connection is available to support the communication. In this case, Outlook will be unable to receive and send any mail and PST file behaves like a locally stored file. 2. The message has been moved to Outbox folder and you have opened it before it supposed to be sent. This kind of situation may occur when you change the status of your email message. 3. You are using an incompatible or outdated add-in that may obstruct the email sending process. 4. You try to send an email message from an email account that no longer exists. 5. The PAB (Personal Address Book) files or PST file is damaged. Outlook cannot send the email message in such cases. These are the possible cases when outlook fails to send email messages to the recipient you try to communicate. To enable Outlook to send the messages and to resolve the mail stuck problem, following remedies can be implemented: 1. You should check the working mode of Outlook and can change it. Doing so, the Outlook enables you to send the email message. 2. When an email message gets stuck in Outbox older, it should be opened and then be sent. After, doing so, Outlook gets properly connected to mail server and delivers the required email message at the appropriate destination. 3. If it is found that the PST file is damaged, then you may try to manually repair the file by using the default scanpst.exe tool. You can also opt for commercial recovery tools. The Kernel for Outlook PST Repair is a capable software utility that easily handles the corruption issues in PST file and performs 2GB PST repair. This repair 2GB PST freeware completely scans the damaged PST file and recovers the data.


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