The system administrator’s main function is supporting all company’s computers and maintaining network devices in good working condition. This problem cannot be solved without using a network monitor. The most of network monitoring programs are based on periodic automatic testing the efficiency of particular services, ports, and protocols. The most widespread method is sending particular ICMP packets to a remote host and waiting for a reply from it (ping). One of the most important device’s parameter considered from the network monitoring point of view is the device’s response time. It allows you to analyze the device operation on the network and detect possible bottlenecks and failures in the data transfer process. There are a lot of network monitoring methods, and the choice depends on tasks that a particular device performs. For instance, a web server can be monitored via the HTTP protocol. Switches are usually monitored via the SNMP protocol, etc. How a network monitor can help the system administrator and why it is necessary to monitor a company’s network on a regular basis. 1. Reduce IT expenses. A network monitor can help minimizing the time, which is needed for detecting failures and fixing them, thus, it allows saving company’s funds. 2. A network monitor increases the network’s operation productivity. By using a network monitoring program, the system administrator does not have to check the operation of each network device manually. The network monitor saves the administrator’s time and he can spend it on increasing the network’s productivity, enhancing the company’s information security, etc. 3. Increase costumers’ loyalty. Costumers do not leave a company just because of a single negative experience with the service. Usually, a costumer abandons using the service because of regular failures in the service operation. That is why it is so important to recover not only serious failures, but also minor downtimes as fast as possible. The network monitor allows you to improve your equipment’s reliability and increase the costumers’ loyalty to your company. 4. Plan the network infrastructure update to increase the network capacity. With regular monitoring, using the response time of hosts, you are able to detect the bottlenecks on the network, determine and locate defective equipment, and replace it. Only some aspects of the network monitor’s usage were covered in the article. It is clear, that this procedure is an essential part of the technical and IT staff’s work in companies of any size. In conclusion, it is worth saying that the prediction, prevention, and timely reaction to network failures, allow saving time and nerves of the IT staff, and help protecting your company from losing customers and profits. Network Monitoring Software


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