In recent years Search Engine Optimisation has become more important due to the current trend of more and more people using the internet to purchase products. SEO can be an art form, as getting right is not an easy process and you need to look at the bigger picture, not just what is in front of you. This may seem like a standard thing to say but it means you need look at each aspect of your business when designing or creating your marketing strategy. This may involve redesigning your website to be more SEO friendly or have more clear conversion points so people can buy products from your website. Your marketing company should have a digital strategy that includes long tail and generic keywords so your website is visible no matter what the user is searching using Google. Many SEO companies will promise you that they can get you to number one, but they cannot guarantee that you will gain that position. It is true that companies can mostly likely get you to number one for you keyword in a short space of time, except you will not stay in the position for long. This type of SEO is known as black hat SEO and if your company or website is found to be using these methods your site will be kicked from Google. If this does happen to your company you will find it difficult to get your website back in to Google as you will need to manually remove all the black hat SEO links. At this point you would need to resubmit your website and there is no guarantee that you will be accepted. Also by performing this type of link building your website will associated with black hat SEO websites so you will find it difficult to rank for many keywords. If you are removed from Google you may as well write off your domain and set up a new website, as you will never receive the ranking you once did from that URL. This is why choosing the right SEO Company is important, as your website is an important asset, and if an SEO company gets it wrong then it could cost your thousands of pounds in revenue. A good company will never promise your website number one, as they will not spam Google with links; they will be building up the authority of your website naturally. It is important that your SEO agency says that it will build up your back links slowly at first from a range of different high quality sites with the overall aim of ranking for your keyword. A Search Engine Optimisation agency will aim to rank for longer tail target keywords to get short term goals, so your traffic is increasing while you are trying to rank for the generic keywords.


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