We all know that SEO has come a long way. SEO is one of the main techniques used today for online marketing, without it your website and business will have a hard time being noticed on the internet and that is a fact. Search engines rely on good SEO work implemented onto websites; this is what gives them accurate results in people’s search phrase. What are the latest SEO marketing techniques for January 2012? Well nothing has really changed much since the ending of 2011 so to tell you the truth; the SEO marketing techniques are basically the same, just good organic practice should keep you on top of your game. Take my advice and avoid all black hat tactics, including spamming, you will regret it in the long run and anyway most search engines are more advance so they know how to avoid such bad techniques. So to be successful in SEO marketing for 2012 make sure the first thing you do is On-page optimization, without it then the rest of the work you do will be worthless. Make sure that your keywords are in the title, description and header. Once you have completed that then place your keywords in the main body of your web page. Bold or italic words if possible but that trick is not as effective as it use to be. Once you have done the On-page optimization then comes the Off-page optimization, this is like the backbone and enhances the effects of your On-page work. Off-page optimization is what we call in SEO marketing backlinks. Get as many backlinks as possible, but bear in mind that it is not the quantity of backlinks but the quality. You can explore forums, blogs, directories, you name it but make sure you do not spam, by getting too much backlinks in a short space of time. If you want to hire a freelancer or SEO company to do your SEO work professionally then i recommend you shop around since there are so many out there worldwide. It doesn’t really matter what country you use a SEO company, as long as they can perform well in their work, which is the most important thing.Always remember that you need to do off page optimization regularly like once every month or every other month to keep in a high rank position. If you don’t then you may start to see your website’s position fall in Google’s search results. Bing is a bit different from Google, it doesn’t really pay attention to backlinks as much to get top results.


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