This article discussed topic around the variety of Internet products that now, I will do as much as possible a description of the essence of optimized from the point-by-point advantage to begin with, and ultimately talk to superior products and even the ultimate product. need to have the elements. Excellent products rely constantly improve: In everyday life, whether it is a PC terminal or intelligent machines, a few days time, the user will find the need to upgrade the software / App many. We start to talk about this. Software vendors have attached great importance to efficiency, often Gesanchawu the launch of the Beta version of the software, but the functionality of the software substantive changes are generally not very. They so repeatedly updated, exactly what the intent of the following paragraphs, we have to solve this problem. General, constantly updated version of the software has a lot of benefits from the product, users, three aspects of the marketing tools. For product purposes of: Found time for the user to use the software bug or is the product itself is not enough to optimize the user experience is improved in a timely manner will be the next version. The products have been changed, have been optimized, so that certainly continue to gain performance. For users: From the user’s point of view, the strategy seems constantly to make the client software will be more up close and pull themselves to improve some of the viscosity. As long as each updated, increased contact with the user software and the use of its frequency, will gradually cultivate the habits of users, users naturally will subconsciously need to remember to use the software. Moreover, because the software constantly updated, making the user feel of the software is its function in the enhanced software continue to improve. Updated every time, in the subconscious which are to tell the user software is constantly reinforced. Thus, constantly updated product, is to gradually strengthen the performance of the products in the user’s brain. This is the product manager for their trick. ” In terms of the marketing tools: From a marketing perspective up to say, users repeated exposure to the software, the more the number, the positioning of the product will become increasingly distinct, this will gradually increase the brand effect. With the passage of time, the functional wonderful contact with the product itself. Such as: security with 360 peer chat with QQ peer. Generate somewhere in the peer-to-peer, software vendors hope this is the result. Excellent product “Fan children”: Above I analyze a number of benefits to constantly update the product and found that these methods can play a role in optimization, the product can also be gradually excellent, However, this operating practices can really create superior products? In my opinion, excellent with excellence, the middle cross a bridge, which exist in the defects in the product thinking. Obviously, all these practices from the whole not quite in line with Apple’s style. Pointwise optimization, software, and others to fight the fight of hardware performance, not Apple’s range of children. Apple has always been a maverick, insist on doing the hardware and software integration, the mechanism appears to be closed but allows the company once reached the situation of the global market capitalization. In accordance with the needs of users to blindly improved to perfect, may make a product with high fitness and experience degrees, but in general, it is difficult to make the ultimate product, because the user’s thinking can only make the product easy to use, and the soul of products to create design and style, this is not a user need to consider the scope. Users are just users, they will be in the use of the product overall feel, easy to use or not use; may also be refined to a point, and considers what point is difficult to use, does not comply with their own habits; However, if the expect the user to sit down and consider how a significant innovation, it is probably impossible. Best product must have a unique soul as a guide, the formation of a whole idea, this essential difference with the years down step by step optimization products. In summary described in two modes, only create and accumulation, will it be possible to produce the so-called superior product. Create refers to innovative changes, accumulation means that fully optimize the product itself. So, I am not here to blindly advocating the product does not require operators and optimization, I want to express the view is that more and more products on the market, we are scrambling to go one way, beginning really good way to go , will also be recognized, but over time, when each product managers so act, also close to the end of this road. Despite all the rhetoric, in fact, superior product last or to return to the on superior product manager, not only framed dogma dogma accumulation will never experience a superior product.


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