Quite often it has been found that the damaged or the corrupted EDB files do not allow you to open your emails which you have received in your inbox. As a consequence of which the MS Outlook software becomes useless under such circumstances. The only solution to overcome these complications is to install a tool which can convert an EDB file to the PST file. Due to the damage of an EDB file, the Exchange server which is responsible for the transfer and viewing of the emails become dismounted without the prompt of even any warning or the message. Usually, the Eseutil.exe is the tool which is used in the large extent to negotiate for this behavior of the exchange server. However, the extreme severity of the corruption of the EDB files will not be resolved just by using this converter. At the time of recovery of the database, you will be prompted with the following message like: “The operation has been terminated with the error – 1003.” After the display of this message, the further proceedings of the recovery will be stopped and the data will remain inaccessible by the user. Although, there are several reasons for the occurrence of such error, but the most common of them is the invalid Application Programming Interface i.e. API and the other being the damage of the log files. But the effect of this error is that you would not be able to get the access to open your files and important documents. However, in order to resolve this matter and to get the access to open the damaged files, you must always use the EDB to the PST converter along with the MS Outlook. The output file which will be in the form of OST will act as the individual file which will assist you to open your emails and the documents along with some important contacts. The third party tools are also the better options for the conversion of an EDB file to a PST file. These tools are more than just effective to scan the damaged EDB files and then they will convert them to the PST files which will surely help you to open the mailbox. If you are working in an organization as a System Administrator, then it is essential that you must be aware about all these tools and you should have be familiar with the uses and benefits of these vital tools which can save you from the huge financial and the technical losses. This software will provide the output in the format of the PST files and hence you can use these files directly with the MS Outlook, being a client. However, when you download the converter from the internet, you must always make sure that you have installed the converter which will be compatible with the database installed in the system, otherwise the purpose of downloading the converter will not be served.


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