We will be looking at tips on how to benefit your search engine rankings. 1.Writing good quality content is at the top of our list. Search engines love content especially good quality content. If content is poor then the authority itself is lost. 2.Always make sure the content is unique. If you copy and plagiarism then you will be penalized for it. So keep it clean and fresh at all times.3.It’s quite important nowadays to keep the blog up to date or event he website. Search engines love a website that is constantly growing and showing good quality content regularly. This increases your chances of a successful site. 4.Make the coding of sites more inviting for readers and robots. This basically means making the site easy to navigate and has everything clearly labelled so it’s easy for the user to go through the site. Remember if the user finds it easy to navigate then rest assured the robots will find it easy too. Build for the user. 5.Earn credibility in sticking to a specific theme or topic. It’s better to stick to a theme so the site receives more authority and not a site which writes about everything and anything. 6.Create a sitemap of your entire website. This comes in handy for both user and robots. They can clearly identify how many pages and look for specific pages if required. Also a robot would search for your sitemap.html so it can access all your pages easily. 7.Try incorporating inbound links in your site. An example of an inbound link will be on the home page after your text you will see a lot will write ‘to find out more Contact us’. The contact us becomes a link directing to the contact us page. If we were to have clear links like these in all pages moving the user from page to page the site is loved. Our imagination is always letting the robot in to the website and making him lost in your website because of all the inbound links. 8.On page is something very important indeed. Having clear meta descriptions and titles. Clearly writing up Alt tags and image titles. All these will make you shoot up the search engines if you do it properly.


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