In the autumn, the weather becomes pretty cool, which is suitable for a nice car trip with family or friends. It must be a great pleasure to enjoy a short trip in the relaxing time. The temperature in the autumn is neither too high nor too low so that most people feel relatively comfortable at this time. Some people regard the spring as the best time for travel, because we can view a lot of beautiful scenery in the nature, such as green trees, colorful flowers and singing birds. However, it is usually too wet in the spring. I hate moving in the continuous rain in the spring. In the winter, it becomes too dry, so it’s a little dangerous for some outdoor activities. Thus, autumn is the best time to have an enjoyable car trip outside with our companions, which I am convinced for long. Before starting on the trip, we can come up with several destinations, such as somewhere we can have plenty of fun and somewhere we have never been. Maybe it is a high mountain where we can view spectacular landscape below, maybe it is a running river where we can listen to the sound of nature, and maybe it is a historical building where we can feel the atmosphere in the past. With the destinations, we can make a route to follow. In order to have a pleasant road trip, the preparation of entertainment devices is also necessary. If you like photography, you may bring a high-pixel digital camera to capture every beautiful scene. If you love music the most, you may take your beloved iPod player. If you want to enjoy the happy time in the car, a car DVD player can be a must. The selection of a suitable car DVD is also important. For instance, an in dash DVD will provide you with much convenience in the driving like the GPS navigation. However, when your companions fail to reach an agreement on what programs to enjoy on the car DVD, a headrest DVD can be a better choice. That’s because the headrest DVD player is able to offer the passengers different enjoyments at the same time with the use of separately running monitors. Then your companions are able to enjoy their own entertainment in their seats without mutual interference. In addition, there are some other things you have to prepare carefully. For example, cell phones are always a must for communication with others, while foods and drinks are essential for not only basic needs but also more amusement. For many people, it’s a pretty pleasant thing to enjoy a car trip together in the leisure time. However, an enjoyable car trip generally needs your careful preparation. Thus, don’t forget to make sure everything is ready before starting a trip. Source by


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