WordPress is one of the most powerful software that is used for content management. By using WordPress you can create a blog, website or both. Most of the people are using the WordPress for blogging. If you are interested to change your online business blog to real business site then the use Word press. Here you can easily convert your blog to website. Here we represent top 10 reasons to use word press in a blogging platform. 1. WordPress is Free WordPress is totally free and built as open source. The other blogging software charge money for creating blogs or websites. You can download this software freely and install it on your server. So, first start a blog at WordPress.com and hosted on the Word press servers. WordPress.org is also completely free for you. 2. Great SEO Capabilities WordPress has excellent built in SEO functionality and the code uses in Word press is easy to understand for all search engine. Plugins are available for increasing the functionality of your WordPress and you can install it easily to use perfectly on your blog or professional website.3. WordPress is Easy to UseIf you can edit contents in word processor then you can easily use Word press. This is a text editor comprises with standard menu buttons like your word processor. It does not require any programming skill like HTML, CSS or PHP to create your site. Number of themes and plugins are available with simple customization. As WordPress is hosted online, you can easily update your blog or site from anywhere. 4. WordPress is CustomizableWordPress is very easy to customize. There are number of free themes are available in Word press that make your website and blog look perfect and attractive. Apart from the theme you can get free plugins that help to handle the look and feel of WordPress. Plugin is nothing but a plain computer program that comes with the main WordPress code and allows you to change it easily without any programming knowledge. 5. WordPress Build Large CommunityWord press include large community of developers, designers and experts who know the structure. If you want to get resources by using WordPress then just go through the free support forums. WordPress is best for those are looking for a free, easy and simple technique to handle blogs or websites. 6. Google Adore WordPressThe simple layouts and permalinks of WordPress would be logically attractive to Google. Google always wants fresh content and WordPress provide good contents to Google. So, Google always prefers word press than other content management sites.7. Easy to Keep WordPress SecureWordPress is not only easy to install but also easy to update for security and new functionality. One can easily upgrade with new version of WordPress. Word press is very secure and it warns immediately if anything goes wrong.8. Easy to add a Blog to Your Website


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