What is Windows Safety Series? Windows Safety Series is a new web threat that is causing problems for computer users. This is a scareware program. This virus scares the infected user into thinking their computer is infected to get their credit card numbers. The way this virus gets away with it is by disguising itself as a real antivirus program. People fall victim to the virus makers because they give out personal banking information in an attempt to erase the virus. How Did I Get This Infection? It’s common for people to ask this question. There is a logical way to explain how this virus gets on computers.This infection uses zero-day exploits to infect users. This means there are security weaknesses in your Flash player, web browser or Java add on . This is a reminder about how important it is to have real antivirus protection installed on all your computers. Beware of random emails and Facebook Ads that are weird looking as well. Avoid opening any emails from senders you’ve never heard of before. It’s better to act with precaution than to end up with a real virus. Is My Computer being Damaged by Windows Safety Series? Warnings about various infections will start to show up. None of these reports you see are real. This can be alarming if you do not know these are not real or valid. You don’t have to worry about this virus erasing computer files. It will not do that. They are attempting to make people buy the solution for the virus online by directing them to another page. Don’t give your banking information. This is all a scam.. You will just be giving away money you don’t have to. Don’t let the Windows Safety Series sit on your computer, if you know you have this virus delete it. Also, if this virus has made its way on your computer, you probably have more than one minor infections that also need to be cleansed off your computer system. Windows Safety Series Removal You can delete this virus one of two ways. The manual virus removal optional is available for people who want to do it themselves. Get the easy to understand guide to delete this virus completely. The automatic option is good for all users. It deletes this virus using an antivirus program and it’s very safe to use. Use any of these methods to ensure this virus threat is gone from your computer once and for all. Check the resource box below to find everything you need right now.


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