Sharing your views via the comment box is one of the ways to develop friendship among people who have their blogs. Weblog or blogging as the popular term for it is used by people who are making an online personality, where their usual and unusual experiences in life in the real world or in this virtual community are being written. All the posts here, most of the time are personal views and opinions of the blog owner. But as time passes by, blogging became so powerful that even the advertising world has gone through. Yes, as you can see to some of the blogs, today are being utilized to advertise some products and businesses too.Today blogs have even reached its potential in the online businesses. These blogs are now being utilized to develop back links for a business websites and you can, if fact, develop a link for that particular site and this is being done via the comment box.But you should not be overwhelmed because commenting today on blogs are being spammed most of the time. Instead of sharing or posting a comment with regards the blog posts, some business oriented internet users had gone beyond commenting. They instead, post some unrelated comments promoting their products or services being offered online.A number of comments with numerous links pointing to the site of the commenter are posted in the comment. Any comment with out relation to the posts is considered spam comments. Everyone in this virtual community knows that spamming is illegal and should not be followed, but still there people who tend to ruin this community.As mentioned above, blog commenting today is being used to gain back links for a site, but how then you’ll be able to gain that backlink if your comment is not related to the blog posts? Bloggers are reading these comments and if they found out that the comment has a different subject or just introducing and promoting a product, the posted comment will be deleted. The comment then will be useless and the commenter just wasted time typing or pasting such link.There’s only one way for a blog comment to be approved by the blog owner. First and foremost, the comment should be related to the post. Second, do not over populate the comment with lots of irrelevant links. Third, post a friendly comment, and the last, befriend the blog owner.No one will approve a comment expressing his/her view in contrast with the post, unless you could make it appear you’re not bragging the view of the owner as far out on his/her own topic. You can contradict the opinion, why not, but you need to do it constructively. Avoid criticizing the owner.When you post a friendly comment with link, it will be approve, no doubt about that. For this, you did not only befriend the blog owner, you also gained another link for your website. So what do you prefer?


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